"Supporting fair, honest and accurate elections in the state of Florida"

2013 Florida Legislative Session
Bill Tracking

2013 FSASE Legislative Package  revised 2/5/13


SB 2 - Ethics, Chapter 2013-36  Full Text

HB 569 - Florida Election Code, Chapter 2013-37  Full Text

HB 25Elections
HB 233Governmental Ethics 
HB 247Paper Reduction 
HB 249Pub. Rec./E-mail Addresses of Voter Registration Applicants & Voters
HB 337Political Party Executive Committees 
HB 379Ethics
HB 381Pub. Rec. & Meetings/Ethics
HB 385Overseas Voter Ballots
HB 397Constitutional Amendments 
HJR 445Voter Access Guarantee 
HB 447Public Service Commission 
HB 449Early Voting 
HB 645Voter Education Programs 
HJR 815Governor's Authority to Fill Vacancy in County Office 
HB 1243Elections
HB 7013Florida Election Code
HB 7021Late Voter Registration 
SB 4Public Records and Meetings of the Commission on Ethics
SB 80Elections
SB 82Early Voting
SB 114Elections
SB 176Elections
SB 234Voter Registration
SJR 254Amendments to the State Constitution
SB 388Elections
SB 460Political Party Executive Committee Candidates
SB 600Elections
SJR 638Removing the Governor's Authority to fill a Vacancy in a County Office
SB 668Constitutional Amendments
SB 782Early Voting
SB 888Elections
SB 1260Public Records/E-mail Addresses/Voter Registration Applicants
SB 1352Paper Reduction
SB 1382Campaign Finance

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